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"Go Your Own Way" by Tia McGraff

Tia McGraff is a multi-talented, award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, author and podcast host from Southern Ontario, Canada. Along with her husband and co-writer Tommy Parham, the skilled songstress has been making impactful and thought-provoking art for well over a decade. Bringing together a burning passion for the art of music and an honesty that is long lost on today’s modern charts, Tia McGraff is a trailblazer in her genre, one’s whose efforts have made her a beloved figure on the international music scene.

Her accomplishments speak for themselves, having won the emPower Posi Music Award in 2021 for her latest single “Go Your Own Way,” a huge achievement for the talented artist. As if that weren’t enough, she’s also won awards for Americana CD of the Year, earned first-round nomination for the 2016 and 2018 Grammy Awards, was a 2019 multi- nominee for Kingdom Image Awards, and has even won the 2019 ISSA award for single of the year.

Tia’s 2018 album release of “Stubborn In My Blood” and the first single “Let ‘Em See You’re Strong” received rave reviews. It would lead to placement on numerous “Best of 2018” lists. It was so powerful that it was even adopted by woman’s empowerment groups, being embraced by communities all around the world.

With nine international CD releases and multiple film and TV placements over the years, her recorded catalog is certainly a proud accomplishment, but where Tia truly shines is in her live performances. Her love for performing has taken her all over North America and the United Kingdom, be it in huge concerts or personal, intimate venues.

Tia is also an accomplished children’s author, notably with her book, “Jake The Road Dawg.” Based on the life and adventures of her beloved pet, the book has inspired classrooms around the world, while supporting Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and Tia’s local Humane Society. The success of the book has led Tia to venture into the podcast realm with her popular show, “Jake’s Place Songs ‘n’ Tails.” Here, she discusses music, up and coming artists and her own personal opinions on every day topics. It’s a great change of pace, and a fantastic way to connect with the artist on a more personal level.

Melodic music almost always immediately touches you right in the center of your heart and that’s exactly what happens when you hear “Go Your Own Way” from Tia McGraff. Nice instrumentation at the opening and a catchy development and layering of the opening melodic statement. TIA MCGRAFF is showcasing his ability to deeply connect with new audience and convert passers by into raving fans. Her single “Go Your Own Way” already making big waves with over 5500 spotify plays just within a month. “Go Your Own Way” really has a lot to offer to its listeners. In fact, this track is filled up with melody across both the instrumental and vocal performances and this really brings McGraff’s lyrics to life in a way that leaves an impact.

I believe Tia McGraff is musician you've been waiting for. Bolstered by some powerful tune, her track graces us with dynamic and heart-warming melodies. 'Go Your Own Way' will fill you with self-confidence. Offering up positive vibes and powerful lyrics, Tia's uplifting message inspires everyone to be their authentic self.

GO YOUR OWN WAY will stuck in your head hours a after listening to it. You will find yourself wanting to explore more of Tia McGraff and her tracks.